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Common Installation Questions on Using Americool's Portable Air Conditioner

12 May 2020

Americool LLC - Portable Air Conditioners

Installing Americool's portable air conditioners is more straightforward than you may think. Just place it near a power source, plug it in and you are all set. However, here are some installation FAQ's for issues that are infrequently encountered.

1. My unit is plugged in, the display shows a red light on the Power button, but I can't get it to turn on?

You must push and hold for 1 second which mode you want the unit to operate in (Room or Spot). This 1-second delay is to prevent accidentally changing the mode the unit is operating in.

2. How high can I pump the condensate water?

All accessory condensate pumps can pump water 18 feet high. The WPC-15000 can pump water up to 30 feet.

3. Can you always duct the exhaust air into the drop ceiling?

Not always. Contact AmeriCool or your local distributor for example where it would not be ideal.

4. What is the farthest I can run the exhaust/cooling ducts?

It depends on your specific model. Click on the following link and select from the models on the AmeriCool's specification page.

5. Is it possible to block one of the cooling ducts?

AmeriCool does not recommend completely blocking a cold duct opening. Please call AmeriCool or your closest authorized distributor to explain your unique installation.

6. Can I use a smaller exhaust duct than recommended on the accessories section of the website?

No, you may overload the unit causing damage. Contact us to discuss your application.

7. Is it possible to use extension cords on AmeriCool?

Yes, but we recommend extreme caution. Be sure to use a safety listed and 3-wire grounding type extension cord. In addition, make sure the extension cord matches the voltage and current requirements of your unit.

8. Can we connect a remote thermostat to AmeriCool units?

Yes! Order our accessory WPCSENSOR and follow the directions to install.

9. Does AmeriCool have a remote display to control the unit away from the installation?

Yes! Order our accessory WPCREMOTE, follow the directions to install the wire harness and you can control the unit from 33 feet away!

10. How much clearance from the filters is needed for the units to operate correctly?

For units up to 3 tons (36,000 Btu/hr) 18" of clearance is required. For our 5 ton unit (WPC-15000) 24" of clearance is required.

If you have other concerns regarding the installation of Americool portable air conditioners, contact Americool LLC. Our technicians are ready to help you so you can immediately enjoy the cooling comfort of your new portable air conditioning unit.

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