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Whatever Your Cooling Needs, AmeriCool, LLC. has the Solution

Thursday, June 5, 2014 - 12:00pm

Every cooling situation is different. Some data centers have limited floor space. Some locations need heating and cooling, while others need more cooling capacity in one portable unit.

We started AmeriCool, LLC. with the idea that we could provide cooling solutions for every cooling situation by providing a wide range of units. Since then, we've grown our lineup of portable ac units to include many different options based on the feedback of our customers. All of our units are designed to be portable, cool 24/7, and come with casters so they can be moved to any hotspot. They also come with an industry-leading warranty.

For example, the WMC-2500 is able to be installed in multiple configurations, perfect for hanging from the ceiling of your server room or mounting in your existing server rack to save floorspace. It can also be installed on casters or stacked unit on unit for an expandable cooling solution. There's also the WPC-230000 , which has 7.5 tons of cooling capacity to cool even the largest rooms to an optimal temperature for that mission critical equipment where you can't afford any downtime.

Aside from traditional air-cooled dual hose portable air conditioner units, we also offer the WPH-4000 , which heats and cools, and the WPW-4000, which is a water-cooled unit. Thanks to the flexibility of our various units, there truly is something for everyone's cooling needs from AmeriCool, LLC.

Whatever Your Cooling Needs, AmeriCool, LLC. has the Solution

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