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Tent Cooling Made Possible with Outdoor Air Conditioners

18 April 2017

Americool WPC-5RT Air Conditioner

Tent rental cooling is the only way event organizers are able to plan outdoor events during the summer. The WPC-5RT portable air conditioners make tent cooling possible and more convenient. These 5-ton outdoor air conditioners are strategically engineered to provide temperature control solutions for outdoor applications such as tent cooling.

While it helps to pitch the tent in the shade or orient it to face the breeze, this may not always be possible and won't keep guests cool on their own. Organizers need to rent portable air conditioners to cool event tents. Air conditioners for these purposes are available today to suit the specific needs and demanding requirements of tent cooling.

The WPC-RT’s are versatile high quality portable air conditioners specifically for outdoor cooling. They have integrated outdoor and indoor units and there is no additional installation needed. The WPC-5RT portable air conditioners provide ideal solutions for event organizers who need temporary cooling for under the tent. The WPC-5RT portable outdoor 5-ton air conditioners are the perfect cooling solution to make the tent comfortable for guests.

To find out more about the WPC-5RT portable air conditioners for tent cooling, contact AmeriCool LLC.

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