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Portable Air Conditioners Protect Workers and Equipment on Construction Sites

31 August 2020       Bookmark and Share

Americool Commercial portable air conditioning units

Many indoor commercial construction sites benefit from some form of HVAC system. Air conditioning will protect workers and equipment alike. Portable air conditioners circulate and filter the air to remove pollutants and dust from the air. The construction process propels a variety of irritants into the air ranging from exhaust and metals to airborne chemicals and dust that can include asbestos. These irritants are a direct threat to site workers. Filtered air helps protect employees and and creates a safer work environment.

But of course, HVAC systems in construction sites also prevent severely hot or cold working conditions which can pose a direct threat to health. Excessive heat in a work area causes physical and mental sluggishness as well as dehydration. The same is true with excessive cold where loss of dexterity can introduce a real threat to equipment handlers. Commercial site managers will get maximum production from worksite employees by introducing affordable portable air conditioners into business operations.

Additionally, portable air conditioners are not only a benefit to site employees, they also protect specialized equipment that performs better with proper environmental controls. The operational lifespan of commercial construction equipment is dramatically decreased in a poor work environment.

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