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Portable Air Conditioners: Lesser Cost and Minimal Space Requirement

14 April 2020

Americool Portable High quality portable air conditioners

Rental portable air conditioners (or “spot coolers”) are engineered to withdraw heat and dehumidify home or office space where central HVAC systems fail to deliver. Often associated as a tool for harsh environments like data rooms and heavy machinery manufacturing space, portable rental spot coolers play an important role in the entertainment industry, sports arenas, and virtually any commercial endeavor imaginable.

There are countless situations where spot cooling service makes perfect sense such as when business owners encounter the need for cooling a defined space for a defined period of time. Clearly the capital cost to install central HVAC services there makes zero sense. Often times, however, there are permanent spot cooling requirements that also do not justify the capital expenditure on fixed HVAC installations. Rental spot cooling services can and do contribute to greater profit margins by offering no up-front capital investment, low cost rental fees, and lower energy consumption rates that central HVAC systems demand.

Commercial portable air conditioners are compact and lighter version than other HVAC units and since they are mobile, you can easily move the cooling services around as your cooling requirements change.

Let us help you and your business’ path to increased profitability via rental spot cooling strategies vs the high cost of fixed central HVAC solutions. For more information about exhaustless portable air conditioners, contact Americool LLC.

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