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Portable Air Conditioners For Commercial and Industrial Use

20 September 2021

Excessive heat and moisture affect equipment, employee productivity, and business processes. As such, when it comes to cooling large warehouses, server rooms, and other buildings, such as healthcare complexes or retail businesses, industrial air conditioning and HVAC units are essential for keeping them operational. More powerful than their residential counterparts, industrial air conditioners provide capable cooling to chill the necessary spaces. Although these are more forceful for larger facilities, there are also many commercial and industrial portable air conditioners that can easily be moved around when required.

For example, commercial spot cooling units, commercial mobile air conditioners, and portable air conditioners for business all provide a flexible cooling solution that is not fixed into a set location. This allows a temporary and affordable service for all types of industries that are dealing with equipment failure or other air conditioning emergencies. In general, a commercial HVAC system will last anywhere from 15 to 25 years. If, or when, these systems fail, a temporary commercial air conditioner is crucial for keeping operations running with minimal downtime.

Simple to Implement, Easy to Operate

Our easy to use portable air conditioners are easy to operate and can be quickly implemented into your desired spaces. These units work with standard power outlets and can be simply switched between four installations, allowing you to bypass any tedious and time-consuming set ups. Additionally, the portable air conditioning systems work well with generators, so you have a solution for virtually any situation that arises. With spot cooling and room cooling thermostat settings, AmeriCool’s air conditioners are user-friendly, versatile, and provide immediate relief.

Common Portable Air Conditioner Misconceptions

Although a portable air conditioner for business needs is a reliable solution, there are a few common misconceptions about them. For one, many believe these are expensive to run. However, a small industrial air conditioner can target a specific location or room, which lowers costs versus cooling unnecessary locations all at once. Another misconception is that these units are not suitable for industrial use. AmeriCool offers a range of portable air conditioners that provide the needed cooling capacity for many commercial requirements. From a smaller 10,000 BTU unit, to larger heavy duty portable air conditioner, like the 71,000 BTU WPC-5RT, there are a wide variety of available options. Lastly, many feel that portable air conditioning is used only in emergency situations. Besides emergencies, these are useful for many planned applications to cool down people, equipment and inventory, or business processes.

Temporary Solutions for Industrial and Commercial Applications

For applications that require portable yet powerful cooling, our line of commercial room air conditioners have exactly what it takes to get the job done. AmeriCool's spot cooling units can easily be moved and can provide a significant amount of cooling, whether it is circulated around a space or directed at a particular hot spot. These qualities make them perfect for applications ranging from ordinary office environments to demanding server rooms. Best of all, every AmeriCool air conditioner is easy to use and maintain, which means you can start it up and keep it running with minimal effort.

As you see, portable air conditioners can be a great solution for many businesses and organizations. So when you require a portable air conditioner for warehouse or other business related needs, our best industrial portable air conditioners are a phone call away. For a free quote or to discuss your air conditioning challenges, give our trained team a call today at 888-726-6158.

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