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Portable Air Conditioner and Spot Cooling Services

14 July 2020

Americool LLC - Portable AC with heat pump

With recent technology and a strict quality control standard, portable air conditioners are being incorporated within commercial industrial and retail spaces with increasing frequency. Portable air conditioners are placed within commercial spaces to address emerging temporary, emergency and supplemental air conditioning needs. Their flexibility to be moved to migrating “hot spots” is one reason their popularity is exploding.

Our portable air conditioner inventory is vast, but one of our most valued support services is our ability to assess and guide you on the exact implementation strategy to maximize your spot cooling value. We’ll help you consider multiple factors to include building facing, roof type, insulation type, number of people, heat producing equipment, sun exposure, and more. All these things factor into calculating the required cooling capacity.

We specialize in delivering climate control consultation and equipment services to maximize the effectiveness of your business’ air quality control. For more information about any subject related to spot cooling and portable air conditioner services, contact AmeriCool.

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