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Commercial Portable Air Conditioners for Data Warehouse Cooling

17 January 2017       Bookmark and Share


A data warehouse holds high-powered computers and other related electronic equipment dedicated to storing and securing all data that is critical to company operations. This equipment produces copious amounts of heat which can build up and form hot spots. When hot spots build up it causes equipment to shut down causing data loss and costly repairs. Luckily, hot spots can be remedied asap when high quality commercial portable air conditioning units are used for data warehouse cooling.

Due to the critical role that the equipment within a data warehouse serves, and the vulnerability to even small temperature fluctuations, it is imperative to use high quality portable air conditioners for spot cooling. Otherwise, companies run the risk of data and revenue loss that could have been prevented.

AmeriCool LLC provides the best commercial portable air conditioning units. These portable air conditioners are the perfect solution for alleviating hot spots. Often hot spots in data centers can be challenging to cool, but with portable air conditioners it is easy to move the unit to any location. This prevents costly damage and data loss.

To find out more about commercial portable air conditioning for data warehouse cooling, contact AmeriCool LLC.

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