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Standard Features of the AmeriCool, LLC. Lineup

Tuesday, August 19, 2014 - 2:59pm

With so many commercial portable air conditioners on the market today, it can become overwhelming to try and pin down what features you need to shop for to cool your data center. Luckily, the portable units from AmeriCool come standard with many flexible features that will meet the needs of almost any application requirement. For example, the easy installation of AmeriCool units means that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to hire an outside company to install ducting or condensing units. As long as you have a place to exhaust vent air, simply roll in and plug in! Each unit is designed with a durable metal construction, making it suitable for everything from industrial applications such as warehouses and large data centers, to smaller offices and server rooms. The hard rubber casters allow for ultra-portability so that you can roll the unit to any hot spot as necessary. Not looking to spot cool? Just replace the cool air nozzle with the included grille (no extra purchase necessary) and set the unit to room cool to keep the entire room at a constant temperature.

The built-in functionality of AmeriCool units are especially suitable for computer room air conditioning. There is no need to worry about extra moisture damaging your equipment, because the condensate overflow protection and dehumidifier mitigate much of the risk that is common with other cooling appliances. In case of an unforeseen power outage, the automatic restart function will power the unit back on so that equipment won’t overheat before somebody comes back to the office. Finally, the self-diagnostic system and washable filters make maintenance easy even for the layman.

Regardless of your application, AmeriCool units have the features and the flexibility to meet your needs. Click here to learn more or call us today at 800-680-0725 to find your local distributor.

Standard Features of the AmeriCool, LLC. Lineup

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