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Announcing AmeriCool, Inc's 2013 Line Up

Friday, April 12, 2013 - 11:48am

On April 1st, AmeriCool, LLC. launched its 2013 lineup of commercial portable air conditioner units. This new line up includes four new dual hose portable air conditioner units to fit a variety of cooling needs, including computer room air conditioning. Also included in our new line up is a modular cooling unit, which is versatile and can fit in a variety of applications: rack mounted, hanging from the ceiling, stacked unit on unit or portable with casters.

AmeriCool Inc's new units are available through our network of distributors. To find your local distributor, please call 800-680-0725. To learn more about the units, download our product brochure below. 

Announcing AmeriCool, Inc's 2013 Line Up

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