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AmeriCool, LLC. Presents Industry-Leading Warranty

Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - 10:37am

Our Industry-Leading Warranty for Your AC:

Maybe you are on the market for your first commercial portable air conditioner, and you’ve narrowed down your choice between several different brands. Or perhaps you are trying to replace your previous set of portable air cooling units after they died prematurely due to a manufacturing defect. If that’s the case, you have already learned the importance of shopping for the best available warranty, in addition to the best features and lowest price.

Luckily, AmeriCool units lead the industry in all three categories. All of our products are backed by a standard 1-year warranty on the entire unit, and a 3-year warranty on the compressor. Our warranty covers not only defects in workmanship and parts, but also includes the cost of labor to repair a unit. The rising cost of labor can exceed $1,000 to repair a defective ac unit –a hidden fee that is almost never mentioned in warranties which only cover parts and not labor costs.

Our exceptional warranty shouldn't take away from the fact that AmeriCool units have one of the lowest warranty rates in the industry due to the rigorous standards we maintain for the production of our units.

Whether you need your unit to stay working for computer room air conditioning, warehouse cooling, or server room air conditioning, you can rest easy knowing that your AmeriCool unit is backed by the best warranty on the market. To read more about our warranty policy, click here.

AmeriCool, LLC. Presents Industry-Leading Warranty

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