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All About the WPC-7000

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 4:08pm

AmeriCool, LLC.'s commercial portable air conditioner unit line-up includes the WPC-7000, a 29,000 BTU/hr unit perfect for cooling server rooms, offices spaces, and more.

With features like an includes 16" exhaust duct flange, 5"x20" cool air duct assembly, an aluminum condenser filter, a vinyl chloride evaporator filter, and a condensate tank, the WPC-7000 comes with all the necessary parts to get your space cooled immediately. And, as a portable AC unit, the WPC-7000 is easily moved around to different locations that need to be cooled.

With over twice the cooling capacity of the WPC-3000, the WPC-7000 provides transportable cooling that is ideal for keeping your heat-sensitive mission critical equipment running at the correct temperature.

Click here to learn more about the WPC-7000. Like all AmeriCool, LLC. units, it is available exclusively through our network of distributors. Call us today at 800-680-0725 to find your local distributor. 

All About the WPC-7000

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