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All About the WPC-5000

Friday, August 30, 2013 - 12:01pm

AmeriCool's WPC-5000, a dual hose portable air conditioner, is designed especially for rooms with heat-generating electronics.

Like all AmeriCool units, the WPC-5000 is ultra-portable. It features 21,000 Btu/h of cooling capacity, making it the perfect solution for any location, including industrial environments like production lines and factories, as well as offices and server rooms.

With virtually no installation time, the WPC-5000 is ready to tackle your cooling needs. Since it has both spot cooling and room cooling settings, you are able to cool the entire area, or just one particular hot spot.

The WPC-5000 is also compatible with a number of AmeriCool, LLC. accessories, including cool air ducts, ambient air adapters, and condensate pumps.

To learn more about the WPC-5000, click here. All AmeriCool, LLC. units are available exclusively through our network of distributors. To find a distributor near you, call us today at 800-680-0725. 

All About the WPC-5000

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