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Why Purchase a Unit With a Heat Pump?

16 April 2021

In a previous blog, we went over how heat pumps work and how they differ from ordinary air conditioners, demonstrating just how versatile units like our WPH-3000 can be. Now that we’re familiar with the technology that makes a heat pump possible, it’s time to ask one critical question: why purchase a heat pump in the first place?

At first it may not make sense to purchase a unit that performs two opposite functions for two seemingly distinct seasons: winter and summer. After all, why not just rely on distinct cooling and heating systems for each season? However, this neglects a very important factor in the climate control of a building — the pesky fall and spring seasons, where cold mornings transition into sweltering afternoons before they switch back to chilly evenings.

With these kinds of fluctuations, it may not be economical to switch a building’s temperature control system from heating to cooling within the span of a few hours. When temperatures can be incredibly variable and if only a fraction of a facility’s space will actually be occupied throughout the day, utilizing a spot cooler with a heat pump as needed may be the most convenient and energy efficient option available. When the temperature jumps back and forth, you’ll want a unit that can keep up.

Additionally, a spot cooler with a heat pump has value when supplemental heating and cooling is considered, even during more severe seasons such as summer and winter. While an ordinary WPC-3000 is useful when providing supplemental cooling during the hottest summer days, it cannot offer the same benefit during the winter. If space heating during the winter is necessary, it would require acquiring one or more dedicated heaters in addition to your spot cooler. A WPH-3000, on the other hand, can be utilized for supplemental temperature control during both winter and summer. That’s at least one less unit to purchase, store, and maintain at your facility.

Our WPH-3000 can easily switch from cooling to heating mode and it still has all the same ruggedness and portability of the standard spot cooling model. If you’re considering purchasing a spot cooler for your business and you can imagine having need for a heater in the winter, consider using our WPH-3000 for you needs.

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