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Why Consider A Portable Air Conditioner with Heat Pump During Transitional Season?

17 March 2020       Bookmark and Share

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Looking for a heating system that is convenient to use during climate swings? AmeriCool highly recommends the year-round efficiency of portable air conditioner with heat pumps. With that said, today we’ll discuss why heat pump systems are particularly efficient during transitional weather seasons.

Energy Efficient

A portable AC with heat pump system has both an indoor and outdoor component. When the unit is set to heating mode, the outdoor unit pulls thermal energy from surrounding air. The energy is then moved to the refrigerant line, which stretches from the outdoor to indoor unit. The indoor unit then utilizes this thermal energy to heat up the air and circulate it throughout the space. The heat pump requires less energy when compared to other heating systems because it moves thermal energy most efficiently.


This special portable air conditioner produces heat and cool air by using a component called reversing valve. The valve inverts the course of refrigerant within the indoor and outdoor unit, depending on which function you set it. Since this equipment is dual purpose, your system’s footprint is minimized.


Because of these advantages, users enjoy significant savings on their energy bill. The long-term savings will pay big dividends over the lifespan of the system. To understand the true value of heat pump systems versus other alternatives, contact AmeriCool LLC to learn more.

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