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Rental Portable Air Conditioning Services for Healthcare Providers During the Pandemic

24 March 2020

AmeriCool High quality portable air conditioners

Rental portable air conditioners with state of the art air filtration capability is boosting the safety of health care delivery across the United States. Portable air-conditioning units are commonly used in healthcare facilities but never to the extent that they are now. Rental portable air conditioners or spot coolers are typically employed during emergency or situations where the central AC system is shut down for maintenance. But today, health care providers across the country are discovering the air filtration capability of spot cooling systems to enhance the safety each and every type of health care service.

Keeping patients and healthcare staff safe and productive in the days of COVID-19 is an ominous task. We take great pride in our ability to help health care operations managers do just that. We invite you to contact us here at Americool LLC today to learn how we will make an immediate difference in the safety of your health care operation.

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