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Proper Server Room Cooling Protects the Most Valuable and Vulnerable Assets

8 September 2020

Americool Portable High quality portable air conditioners

Very often server rooms are inadequately cooled by existing commercial HVAC systems. Server rooms typically require augmented cooling to maintain the recommended temperature and humidity thresholds. Server rooms often house a business' most valuable and vulnerable inventory. Therefore, significant thought and planning is crucial for protecting your business assets and in delivering uninterrupted server room cooling.

When your server room is unable to maintain a constant temperature range of 64.4F to 80.6F, it is necessary to consider supplemental server room cooling services.

Some things to consider when augmenting server room cooling:

  • Acquire or rent portable air conditioners/spot coolers for the server rooms in order to combat heat build-up.
  • Purchase or rent from a certified spot cooler dealer who can help create an effective cooling strategy for your data.
  • Do not choose residential portable AC units. Their capacity is likely insufficient for specialized commercial cooling needs.

Explore your options and trust the commercial-grade portable air conditioning services at Americool LLC. We'll help you find the most reliable and affordable cooling solution for optimal server room operation.

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