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Portable Heaters Provide Comfortable Warmth In Workspaces

27 October 2020

Americool WPC-5RT portable air conditioning unit

Portable heaters play an important role in keeping workspaces comfortable and productive. During the cold Worcester winter, the biting cold can be fought off in older and drafty buildings with portable heater solutions.

Central heating systems rarely deliver constant and comfortable environmental control to 100% of your operating area. To adequately heat one area often means overheating another. Likewise, when your fixed HVAC delivers comfortable heat to most of your workspace, some workers are resigned to wear jackets and gloves, or use small, expensive, and inefficient electric heaters under desks. This is a common problem in the older buildings in Worcester with vacuous spaces, drafty windows and outdated heating systems. This is why Worcester business owners turn to portable seasonal rental heating solutions. Through renting there are a multitude of different portable heater sizes and capacities available to meet every need.

Portable heating solutions ultimately pay for themselves in reduced energy costs. It is much more energy efficient to spot heat areas than it is to over-heat large amounts of office space. For help and information on choosing a economical portable rental climate control solution, contact Americool LLC!

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