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Portable Electric Heaters Can Reduce Utility Bills

20 October 2020

Americool WPC-5RT portable air conditioning unit

With winter on the way, many businesses around Auburn, MA will require supplemental heating equipment to support staff, machinery, production, and storage. A popular choice in portable commercial heaters is the 10 kW Portable Electric Heater with automatic temperature control, four-castor wheel mobility, LED display, temperature and safety systems to prevent overheating and a high performance fan which maximizes heating efficiency..

This portable electric heater is compact and easy to carry and maneuver. Its compact size is perfect for commercial spaces, manufacturing facilities, office space, and storage. Portable heaters present a value-based means to deliver targeted heat when and where it is needed. Since these units use electricity, there is no need to worry about acquiring fuel or ventilating combustion byproducts. Through portable heaters, gone are the days of trying to keep vacuous, drafty, or intermittently used space constantly climate controlled. Energy bills are a high-cost operating expenses, portable electric heaters will lower energy bills.

Do what business owners across the area do, choose portable electric heaters to improve operational efficiency and save on business operating cost. Contact Americool LLC to learn more.

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