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Dehumidifying Portable Air Conditioners Make the Rainy Season Easier

11 April 2017

AmeriCool High quality portable air conditioners

High quality portable air conditioners for rent are a great solution for most heat-related applications. They provide safe and effective cooling and can also be used to control humidity. One AC unit that makes the rainy season easy to deal with is the WPCD-3000.

The key features of the WPCD-3000 portable air conditioner include 13,200 Btu/h, single phase 115v, 64-113 degree-operating range, spot cool and room cooling settings, along with 65L/day dehumidifying capacity. Even when a company needs to deal with large-scale cooling and dehumidifying, the WPCD-3000 is a safe and effective choice for cooling while managing humidity.

The WPCD-3000 air conditioner is strategically engineered with easy to use controls and safety features that guarantee optimum performance especially while cooling during heavy rain. This portable air conditioner includes 5” x 20” cool air duct assembly, vinyl chloride evaporator filter, aluminum condenser filter, 3.17 gal condensate tank, and 12” exhaust flange.

It also has a circuit breaker of 15 amps that helps ensure that power overload is prevented when in use. The WPCD-3000 also has optional accessories such as cool air duct adapter, evaporator plenum, 12” ambient adapter, 115V condensate pump kit, 26 ft line remote control unit, 16 ft temperature sensor line, 5”x40” cool air duct assembly that allow users to maximize its potential.

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