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Considerations When Purchasing or Renting A Portable Conditioner

7 April 2020

Americool Commercial portable air conditioning units

Portable air conditioners are ideal cooling solutions for business structures like offices, facilities and commercial spaces. Whether you are planning to buy or rent, weigh first the following factors to come up with a sound decision.

Cooling Output

The cooling output for PACs is calculated in BTU or British Thermal Units per hour with the higher rating implies greater capacity. The BTU rating is labeled in the Energy Guide of each portable AC unit. Take this into account when comparing different models. Make sure to opt for a capacity that complies with the square footage of the area that you need to cool.

Placement Constraints

Portable air conditioners may require electrical modification to your use space. Prior to purchasing, make sure you have the enough power and the correct receptacle in all spaces where you might conceivably use the portable cooling asset. The unit will likely be placed near a window for venting poses so plan your electrical considerations accordingly.

Energy Efficiency

The Efficient Ratio or EER rating of a unit can also be seen on its Energy Guide label. The higher the rating means the set has better energy efficiency performance. Before you decide, scrutinize each available model and choose the one with the highest EER rating that meets your budget.

Condensate Choices

When a portable air conditioner cools, it condenses moisture out of the air. There are several options in terms of release. Essentially, cheaper portable air conditioner units have a collector pan that needs to be drained frequently. While self-evaporating air conditioners usually come expensive as it has the ability to release the condensate out by means of the air exhaust hose, or by reusing the liquid to cool the coils.

Sound Level

Portable air conditioners are standalone units equipped with a compressor, so expect and plan for the increased noise as compared to central HVAC systems. With that said, our system offerings are the most quiet portable HVAC systems on the market today.

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