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Commercial Portable Dehumidifiers Help with Humidity Even in Winter

19 January 2021

Americool LLC - Portable Dehumidifier

Central heating systems do keep your facility warm but they do not necessarily improve or assist indoor air humidity. While winter weather is often dryer than other times of year, in some instances, especially in older buildings, indoor air can become moist or humid. In buildings with older windows or in drafty buildings, business owners and operators may notice condensation on the inside of windows or glass doors. They may even see mold growth or damp walls. If any of this occurs, there is a humidity problem.

Commercial portable dehumidifiers can address humidity issues even in hte winter.

Benefits of dehumidifiers

  • Dampness can pose health risks by exacerbating respiratory problems. Excessive moisture at your workplace is not good for employees or property.
  • Portable dehumidifiers will extract moisture and maintain safe air quality indoors.
  • Portable dehumidifiers are efficient and cost-effective.
  • They can raise the indoor temperature by approximately 5-10 degrees in the winter.
  • In commercial settings that are prone to dampness portable dehumidifiers can help resolve high moisture-level problems.
  • In the event of floods, or even smaller water problems, they will pull water from air and hasten property drying.
  • They can prevent air irritants that can cause skin irritations.

Portable dehumidifiers offer numerous benefits to various industries. Contact Americool LLC for more information

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