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Transitioning From Winter To Spring With Heat Pumps For Cool Nights And Air Conditioning For Warm Days

4 April 2017

AmeriCool Portable Heat Pump

Companies can now transition from winter to spring with a high quality portable heat pump. These heat pumps serve a dual purpose; providing heat during cool nights and cooled air during warm days. Spring often brings with it a combination of both high and low temperatures, so flexible equipment that can cool and heat is efficient and helpful.

The AmeriCool portable heat pump is engineered to be more versatile than other HVAC equipment. As a matter of fact, it provides businesses with effective and efficient temperature control solutions for areas where traditional switching from heating and cooling is not practical.

The AmeriCool heat pump incorporates components such as power cord holder, discharge/supply air duct, top fan exhaust flange, evaporator plenum, and condenser plenum. It also allows control of fan speed, temperature selection, and allows an alarm for ease and facility during use. The compressor overload protector, anti-freezing thermistor, full drain tank switch, automatic restart for power interruptions, compressor time delay program, high pressure sensor, and other safety devices are also incorporated in every unit in order to ensure it is operating safely in any application.

To find out more about the our portable heat pump, contact AmeriCool LLC.

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