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The Value of Spot Cooling System in Server Rooms

17 June 2020

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Precise regulation of temperature and humidity is crucial within such work space as server rooms, clean rooms, electrical fabrication operations, and so many others. For server rooms, precise regulation of temperature and humidity is particularly important. Precision machinery like computer servers must operate within certain environmental parameters and server rooms tend to develop hot and cold spots within the environment. This is where spot cooling support services prove to be essential.

AmeriCool offers a wide variety of rental spot cooling systems.We serve the entire greater Boston and Worcester area business communities whose central air conditioning is either down for maintenance or is simply not sufficient to deliver specified cooling and humidity conditions. Our systems are mobile so you can respond to shifting environmental control needs.

Here are some advantages of rental spot cooling services:

  • Installation and Operation is a breeze. We have you covered there.
  • Compact-design and self-contained. Our systems won’t crowd your workspace.
  • Dehumidifies your space. Again, critical for many Boston-area industries.
  • We have years of experience successfully serving Boston and Worcester.

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