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The Benefits of Cooling Commercial Space with Portable Spot Coolers

30 July 2019       Bookmark and Share

Americool LLC portable air conditioner

Whether you have a small commercial space or a large industrial facility, a portable air-conditioner can be a perfect addition to make summer more safe, and profitable. Staff and equipment alike do not perform efficiently in excessive heat. Portable cooling units requires no complex installation and are easy to operate. Simply adjust the setting to your desired temperature, select the cooling mode, then, you're all set!

Certain sections within your commercial space will retain heat more than the others. Spot coolers are best for this job as it will dispel the hot air from these areas where your facility HVAC is falling short. Spot cooling’s portability makes it easy to transfer your augmenting cooling services from one area to another as the need arises. This will save on energy cost. Instead of turning on the central AC system to maximum capacity, this portable air conditioner will target the specific areas where cooling augmentation is required. With portable air conditioner in place, your central AC system no longer needs to overwork to compensate for a subsection of the facility.

In this extreme heat, make sure your facility is prepared to prevent unnecessary profit losses. Have a portable air conditioner in place to combat the heat and minimize negative effects of extreme heat to your business. Contact Americool LLC and see which portable air conditioner is best for your application.

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