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Spot Coolers in Data Rooms for Efficient In-House Air Conditioning

19 September 2017       Bookmark and Share

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Data rooms need to be kept at the appropriate temperatures at all times. This ensures that the servers within can operate smoothly and efficiently. However, because of the complicated cooling requirements needed, centralized air conditioning may not be enough to maintain the required temperature. Additionally, as the cooler temperatures approach, the central system will turn to heating. This is why many companies choose to rent high quality portable air conditioners that can safely and effectively address the complex cooling requirements of data rooms.

Portable air conditioners provide temperature control solutions that make it possible to implement more proficient spot cooling in data rooms. Spot cooling is an efficient solution to thermal issues that arise from the excessive and constant heat being generated by electronic equipment. Spot cooling can target specific areas within the data center that need cooling. By making use of portable air conditioners for spot cooling applications, companies can ensure that temperature and humidity levels inside data rooms are balanced and consistent. Spot cooling through portable air conditioners is also an economical and cost-efficient solution for managing data rooms because this prevents equipment damage or data loss due to overheating.

Using spot coolers for data rooms in Worcester, MA does not mean disabling or uninstalling existing air conditioning units and centralized air conditioning systems. Portable air conditioners are used to supplement and support the air conditioning requirements and demands of server room cooling.

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