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Renting vs Buying Commercial-Grade Dehumidifiers

23 June 2020

Americool LLC - 1 Ton Portable Dehumidifier

There are advantages to both purchasing and renting dehumidifiers. At the core, renting commercial grade dehumidifiers is best if your need is for a short-to-medium term solution. In this context, this is a period of a few weeks to a few months of need. Beyond a few months of need, then consider purchasing a commercial grade dehumidifier.

High humidity within offices and warehouse spaces is often a problem from late spring to early fall. Over the years, seasonal application of dehumidification support services may point to better value out of renting dehumidification equipment. The effectiveness of our rental commercial-grade dehumidifiers has been celebrated for years. They are considered a value investment for the benefit they provide to both human resource, facilities, commodity products, and more.

For emergency situations such as home or business flooding, rental dehumidifiers such as our ADH-130 offer an affordable and practical option to getting your problem resolved. When it’s important to dry out space quickly to eliminate rapid return to normal and eliminate future mold growth, this dehumidifier is the perfects selection.

If your business employs heavy use of water to build products or cleanse space on a daily basis, then you likely will employ full-time use of dehumidification systems. In those environments, purchasing commercial-grade dehumidifiers might be the better value solution for you.

Whether you need to rent, purchase, or rent to own dehumidification capability, Americool LLC is the partner you can trust.

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