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Rental Portable Air Conditioners for Diners

22 May 2018       Bookmark and Share

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Diners are the best place to eat when you want something delicious that tastes like home cooking, need something refreshing to quench your thirst. or a great cup of coffee. However, with summer arriving and more people going out to enjoy the weather, diners can quickly become overheated. The current cooling system may not be enough to provide comfort to customer or employees. Good customer service and a great dining experience both require people to be comfortable. Commercial portable air conditioners are available for rent to help keep diners and other eating establishments cool this summer.

Heat buildup is common in diner kitchens due to continuous cooking. Moreover, cooking areas in diners are often cramped making it hard for the heat to escape. Portable air conditioning units can help provide direct cooling to hot spots in the kitchen and dining area. Since they are portable, they are easy to move to one area or another where heat is concentrated.

There are various sizes and power capacities so you can select the perfect unit that will work best in the business and perfectly fit your space. Contact Americool LLC and rent portable air conditioners today!

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