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Proposed Tax Cuts Driving Heightened Interest for Rental Spot Cooling

11 December 2017       Bookmark and Share

Americool WPC-5RT portable air conditioning unit

There is a buzz in America being generated around the promise of tax cuts for small business owners.  We're getting calls from proactive business owners who are already formulating strategic business expansion plans based upon the draft tax plans that are expected to be signed into law by year's end.  This blog post is not to educate you regarding the new tax law, but we're happy to report that there is optimism within many business owners and that they are actively working business expansion plans based upon the expectation that tax reform will be signed by year's end.  

So we encourage you and your new project planners to strategically consider your future new business site's portable cooling and heating needs. Getting ahead here might make the difference between getting started comfortably and on schedule, or, getting started stressed and late.   Those familiar with our company and/or this blog already know that we deliver a wide-range of portable heating and air conditioning systems.  Those familiar with us also know that we deliver the industry standard for warranties which include one full year on the entire unit (parts and labor) as well as three full years on the compressor (parts and labor).  

It is our sincere hope that that you share the same optimism for business growth in 2018 that we hear in the voices of those calling us.  Best wishes for your continued business success.  When permanent or rental portable heating and cooling is required to expand your greater Boston area business in 2018, know that we can assist and grow along with you. Contact AmeriCool today!

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