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Portable Outdoor AC Units Provides Instant Cooling Relief for Summer Events

13 March 2018

Americool portable air conditioning unit

Tents are often the event venue of choice for large outdoor affairs in the summer. Although tents offer a festive atmosphere and can keep your guests protected from the sun, a tight enclosure filled with a large number of people can make the space uncomfortably warm. Organizers can rent outdoor AC units to cool down the area and provide instant cooling for guests and employees.

A portable outdoor air conditioner is the solution for summer cooling at any outdoor event. Outdoor AC units can cool a large and spacious venue while operating silently. This means there will be no noise to disrupt the proceedings. These AC units have extendable ducts for conditioned outdoor air to pass through for delivering comfortable cool air under the tent. And, since these units are portable they don't require additional installation and can be easily relocated to the area where cooling is needed most.

Event planners can benefit from these highly and regularly maintained portable AC rentals. Renting is far more cost-effective than purchasing expensive AC units which will incur the additional charges for maintenance and service. If you are in need of outdoor units for your outdoor summer event, contact Americool LLC.

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