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Portable Air Conditioning Units with a Dehumidifier Option are Necessity for Rainy and Humid Weather

10 April 2018

AmeriCool High quality portable air conditioners

As the weather turns, temperatures and humidity increase and make it uncomfortable for employees and challenging for equipment and overall productivity. Air quality can affect factories and warehouses where a hot and humid environment and can pose a threat to the health of your workers and the items within. Dehumidifiers options on high quality portable air conditioners are a very convenient and economical feature during the rainy and humid season.

There are cases where humidity can escalate in excess and become more damaging than extreme heat. Therefore, rental portable air conditioner with superb dehumidification capabilities are necessary in commercial and industrial setting. The WPCD-3000 portable air conditioner unit is engineered with dehumidifier so as to reduce excess humidity on top of cooling your workplace. WPCD-3000 features 13,200 Btu/h, single phase 115v, 64-113 degree-operating range, with spot cooling settings, along with 65L/day dehumidifying capacity. It also includes 5” x 20” cool air duct assembly, vinyl chloride evaporator filter, aluminum condenser filter, 3.17 gal condensate tank, and 12” exhaust flange to fully manage humidity in large spaces.

Moreover, you can easily move this portable AC across the room to further reach areas that needs extra cooling. Having 2-in-1 equipment will save you space and money on rental and utility bills. Contact Americool to find out more about portable air conditioner units with dehumidifier.

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