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Portable Air Conditioning Units for A Clean and Consistent Air in Lavatories

27 March 2018

Americool Portable High quality portable air conditioners

The lavatory in any business needs clean and cycled air. Since it is frequently used by employees and the public, it is essential that it is not only kept clean but that the air is fresh at all times. In order to provide clean and consistent air inside lavatories, portable air-conditioning units are available for the job.

Commercial portable air conditioners are perfect for public bathrooms because they can be easily transported to the necessary location without installation requirements. High quality portable AC units can also control humidity while filtering air so as to prevent molds and slime growth in the restroom walls and fixtures. Furthermore, it aids in the extraction of odor and promote good air circulation within.

Portable Air Conditioning units are easy to clean compared to window units or central AC systems. Because they are available to rent, prior to dispatch these AC units are well-maintained and serviced by the Americool. This guarantees that when you rent portable AC units you are ensured that clean and fresh air is circulating in your restrooms. For heavy duty portable AC units, contact Americool LLC.

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