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Portable Air Conditioners - Temporary Cooling Solutions For Server Rooms

30 September 2019

Americool WPC-5RT portable air conditioning unit

Network server systems are, to say the least, expensive to restore when damaged. One of the top reasons network systems fail is their being housed in facilities that do not deliver manufacturer recommended environmental settings. Climate control in server centers is crucial for the equipment are prone to overheat and meltdown when the required temperature is not met.

When you know that your central AC system does not suffice, you would be very well advised to buy or rent a portable air conditioner to reinforce cooling needs of the server room. Americool LLC carries a vast range of mobile air conditioners in compact sizes and with different cooling capacities. This will address the different cooling needs of diverse server closets, whether large or small. With a portable air conditioner in place, you will be confident that excessive heat is kept at bay and your machines are protected from heat exhaustion.

Our portable air conditioners are designed to operate safely and discreetly. It can efficiently and powerfully provide direct cooling to heat generating electronic equipment but keeping its compressor sound in low key. It will instantly relieve hot spots in server rooms, keeping the temperature regulation a breeze in this critical facility.

To find out more about applications for portable air conditioner rentals, contact Americool LLC.

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