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Portable Air Conditioners Take Care of Server Rooms while Heating Systems Take Care of The Rest of The Building - Auburn, Worcester, MA

10 February 2016

A server room is an integral part of your building that must really be well taken care of in regards to temperature control. This room holds important and confidential equipment and data and controls various operations critical to your business. Because it hosts high-powered equipment, when not ventilated properly hot spots can develop which can wreak havoc on servers and therefore, the business. In order to prevent hot spots from developing, it is a good idea to purchase high quality portable air conditioners.

During winter, it is often believed that the server room needs less cooling given that the temperature outside is cold. However, once the building’s HVAC system is switched to heating mode, computer equipment and other electronics in the server room are at risk of system shutdown or damage.

Because your HVAC system is now focused on providing heat the equipment in the server room is even less likely to receive adequate cooling. As a result, hot spots can develop more often in winter which can lead to overheating if spot cooling is not immediately provided. Purchase high quality portable air conditioners in Worcester, MA to alleviate heat before it can harm your valuable equipment.

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