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Portable Air Conditioners Speed Up Production Processes

15 September 2020       Bookmark and Share

Americool LLC - WPC-7000 Portable Air Conditioner

Portable cooling is an essential HVAC component in a wide variety of industrial manufacturing processes. In order to improve manufacturing speed and quality, portable cooling is frequently installed in plants to promote worker efficiency, to speed up the production process, to protect heat-sensitive equipment, and to preserve raw materials and finished products from heat-related degradation.

Portable air conditioners provide fast and effective solutions in the manufacturing process, and not just in hot weather emergencies. They protect the health and safety of production personnel by reducing injury and fatigue, which also ensures that deadlines can be met. However, the benefits of spot cooling services extend far beyond the manufacturing floor. Businesses in Worcester employ spot cooling services within non-manufacturing areas of production facilities as well, such as server rooms, mechanical rooms, offices, and conference rooms. The value of spot cooling is most often realized by businesses whose growth has exceeded the capacity of the existing HVAC system. Business owners understand the cost savings and value of renting supplemental cooling when compared to the up-front capital cost of replacing existing HVAC systems.

Rental portable cooling solutions have delivered high-value return on investment to Worcester-area businesses. Before you commit to the costly purchase of a new HVAC system, contact Americool LLC for more information.

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