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Portable Air Conditioners Offer Highly Effective Cooling to High-Ambient Temperature Environments

28 July 2020       Bookmark and Share

Americool WPC-5RT portable air conditioning unit

The cooling method applied in factories and manufacturing plants was revolutionized in 1984 when portable air conditioners were first introduced for industrial applications. Portable air conditioners were tested and have shown reliability in controlling the climate inside high-ambient temperature areas. They are proven to cool people, equipment, and processes in harsh environments without overly dropping the cooling temperatures, airflow rates, or air volumes that have a negative effect on health.

Industrial-grade portable air conditioners ensure a cooler and dryer workplace for workers and equipment to perform and function at their optimal conditions and increase productivity. Moreover, utilizing spot cooling for industrial processes can help preserve and maintain the quality of products while keeping elements (heat and excessive moisture) that can deform and spoil its quality at bay.

AmeriCool LLC. offers a full line up of units that can be used for a number of applications, including harsh industrial environments that require constant cooling at a high capacity. Our industrial portable air conditioner units are built to the highest standards in order to protect you, your employees, your equipment, and your business – making you more profitable and helping your business run more effectively. Our units are ideal for industrial applications and provide effective cooling solutions for factories, warehouses, workshops, and various other workplaces that can be harsh environments for employees. Our AC units also provide ideal cooling solutions for use on assembly lines, manufacturing plants, process cooling, and warehouses. It can be miserable to work under high temperatures and AmeriCool has a portable air conditioning unit that's right for just about any job, big or small. AmeriCool LLC. strives to meet the standards of your business and create the best product on the market so you can keep cool regardless of the condition.

If you need to learn more about the benefits and affordability of heavy-duty portable air conditioners, contact AmeriCool LLC.

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