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Portable Air Conditioners Equipped with a Heat Pump are the Solution for Seasonal Temperature Fluctuations

13 October 2020       Bookmark and Share

WPH-3000 | AmeriCool Portable Heaters

Managing indoor temperatures in commercial and industrial spaces is rather challenging during the fall in Massachusetts. In fact, a regular challenge for business operators between seasons is keeping the indoor environment conducive and productive for employees. The fluctuating temperatures during the fall makes it even more difficult to address.

A portable air conditioner with a heat pump is a great option for accurately controlling the temperature inside a facility. These easy-to-use portable HVAC units make managing and regulating indoor temperature a breeze. The cooling functions can be set during fall afternoons while during evenings and mornings can be set for heat. These dual functioning air conditioners offer both heating and cooling for the price of one, all in one unit.

AC units that are equipped with a heat pump also have a function for automatic restart, allowing self-restart in case of power outages. These AC/heat pumps are compatible with use in a standard electrical outlet for easy and convenient use and portability. Lastly, these portable systems are also very compatible with generators to provide a heating and cooling solution in virtually every scenario.

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