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High Quality Portable Air Conditioners are Strategically Engineered for Server Room Hot Spots - Auburn, Worcester, MA

12 January 2016       Bookmark and Share

When choosing portable air conditioners in Auburn, MA for server rooms, you cannot just place any air conditioner within and expect the job to be done. There are actually many things to consider for server room cooling applications.

A server room houses high-powered equipment and other electronics that are critical to any business. They often have limited space which causes heat to increase drastically when the indoor air quality and temperature are not maintained properly. Hot spots can form and worsen resulting in overheating of equipment and hampering of operations. But these worst case scenarios can be prevented when high quality portable air conditioners are used and strategically situated in server rooms.

There are times that the in-house HVAC system cannot reach certain areas in your server room. When the HVAC is focused on heating the workspace in winter it is easy to forget about heat-sensitive equipment that can cause system failure and sudden shutdowns because the AC is turned off. To ensure that your server room is the right temperature, high quality exhaustless portable air conditionerscan be moved around and focused on cooling when necessary.

To find out more about exhaustless portable air conditioner for server rooms, contact Americool LLC.

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