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High Quality Portable Air Conditioners Are Important on Factory Floors Even in Winter - Auburn, Worcester, MA

2 February 2016       Bookmark and Share

Today’s manufacturing sector is highly competitive which is why companies are constantly looking for safe and effective ways to increase productivity while minimizing costs. One of the most common problems that manufacturing plants and other industrial facilities face is decreased productivity due to overheating equipment. This is often caused by a lack of proper ventilation or poor air circulation. This is why portable air conditioners in Auburn, MA are being used for strategic cooling in order to prevent these scenarios from occurring.

Even with an efficient, large-capacity HVAC system or even when it is cold outside, there may still be some areas that are subject to high ambient temperatures. This is precisely where exhaustless portable air conditioner come in.

Hot spots still develop on the factory floor because of the high-powered equipment in use. This is why high quality portable air conditioners are needed even in the winter. They help to alleviate hot spots. Instead of using electric fans, portable air conditioners are more cost-effective and energy-efficient, providing spot cooling solutions to prevent overheating of equipment as well as the abnormal increase in ambient temperature which can affect employee productivity.

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