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High Quality Portable Air Conditioners are an Exceptional and Economical Solution for Server Room Cooling - Auburn, Worcester, MA

10 November 2015       Bookmark and Share

As a company evolves, servers evolve from a large space or rack to multiple racks that require their own room with other vital electronic equipment. The interior of this server room holds the vital electronics and equipment that all produce heat. Often, fans do not suffice to maintain the cooling requirement. Central heating and cooling systems are often inefficient as well because they cool too imprecisely where spot cooling is needed. In this challenging environment, where the temperature cannot fluctuate outside of a few degrees, system failure often results. Before damage to the servers and other equipment becomes costly and inconvenient, purchase high quality portable air conditioners which can be strategically placed in specific locations in server rooms to optimize cooling capacities and prevent hot spots from formulating and overheating.

Portable air conditioners in Worcester, MA operate in a wide range so you are guaranteed a cooling solution that fits perfectly to the mission critical application that is unique to your business. These portable spot coolers are custom-engineered in order to be a more reliable air conditioning system. They provide precision cooling solutions that ensure the appropriate temperature and the recommended air quality. Because portable air conditioners are also effective in regulating air humidity, electrostatic charges are also prevented. The compact size allows them to fit anywhere even if space in the server room is limited. They work efficiently and economically to keep your server operating at optimum performance at all times.

To find out more about high quality portable air conditioners for server room cooling applications, contact Americool LLC.

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