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General FAQ’s Regarding Renting Portable Air Conditioners

5 May 2020       Bookmark and Share

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Below are answers to common questions we encounter from customers who seek portable air conditioner rental services in and around the greater Boston area:

1. How do AmeriCool's portable A/C units work?

Roll your AmeriCool unit into position, select room cooling or spot cooling, stand back, and enjoy the cold air. NOTE: If you are in an enclosed room, you will need to exhaust the warm air from the top of the unit out of the room. The drop ceiling space in a typical office will usually satisfy this requirement.

2. How many square feet does it cool?

As a general practice, 400 square feet per 12,000 Btu/h's (12,000 Btu/h's equals one ton of air conditioning). This, however, does not take into account other room factors that may affect heat load. Contact your local distributor for a complete recommendation.

3. How much temperature drop will you get between the room and supply (cold) air?

The temperature drop should be approximately 30°F in low humidity environments and at least 15°F in high humidity environments. (In high humidity environments, the unit is removing the humidity from the air)

4. Why does the unit have a water (condensate) tank? Why does the WPC-15000 have a condensate pump?

Only the WPC-15000 comes with a factory-installed condensate pump to account for a large amount of condensate (water) the unit is removing from the supply air.

While the unit is in operation it removes humidity out of the air. AmeriCool collects the condensation in the tank.

5. Do AmeriCool units come with a thermostat?

Yes, all units come with thermostats to read supply and return air temperature.

6. What is the difference between Room Cooling and Spot Cooling mode?

In-Room Cooling mode, the temperature setpoint is based on the return air coming into the unit (side). In Spot Cooling mode the temperature setpoint is based on the supply air (cold air leaving the unit).

7. What is AmeriCool's recommended maintenance schedule?

Regular washing and cleaning of the filters is the only recommended maintenance.

8. Can I remove the white cold air ducts?

Yes, remove the white nozzle duct from the attached flange and there will be a grill to protect curious fingers from the fan.

If you have other inquiries and concerns, contact Americool LLC.

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