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Exhaustless Portable Air Conditioners – The Solution to Heat Build-Up in Server Rooms - Auburn, Worcester, MA

1 December 2015

Generally, server rooms have no open windows or other areas where air can get in or out. The server room is built this way so that it is easier to control the temperature within it. Because there are no spaces where cool air can pass through, the use of exhaustless portable air conditioners is ideal for controlling heat build-up.

Exhaustless portable air conditioners in Auburn, MA provide more control over the indoor temperature and air quality in server rooms. Their portability is also an advantage because they can simply be moved where hot spots develop, immediately alleviating heat that can cause damages to the high-powered computers and other equipment and electronics stored inside these rooms.

A tightly controlled environment is a vital factor in ensuring proper equipment operation and reliability, which is why mission-critical equipment is placed in server rooms. Because they usually comprise a small, compact space, the equipment is exposed to the risk of overheating. In order to prevent this, high quality portable air conditioners are often employed in server rooms providing much-needed safe and sufficient cooling solutions.

To find out more about exhaustless quality portable air conditioners for server room cooling, contact Americool LLC.

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