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Exhaustless Portable Air Conditioners are an Ideal Alternative for Business Owners with Limited Budget and Space - Auburn, Worcester, MA

28 October 2015       Bookmark and Share

An exhaustless portable air conditioner has a system designed to extract heat from an area while dehumidifying it. Intended primarily for extreme operating conditions with high-ambient temperatures such as a server room, this portable AC unit uses a safe and simple refrigeration cycle.

If you want to install an air conditioning unit but cannot afford the large initial cost or if a large size unit will not fit the limited space, then the best alternative choice is to install high quality portable air conditioners. There are a wide operating range of options so you can be confident that you will be get the right solution for the mission critical needs of your business. Also called mobile air conditioners, these portable air conditioners are an ideal alternative for those businesses that are looking to enjoy the benefits of a standard air conditioner at minimum cost or without taking up too much space.

A lighter and smaller version than permanent HVAC units, portable air conditioners in Auburn, MA can be easily moved from one machine to another which means spot cooling is possible anywhere. So wherever the hot spots are detected, the cool air can be focused on that specific area to alleviate heat immediately, preventing the problems that occur in server rooms such as equipment overheating or system breakdown.

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