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Dual Purpose Air Conditioners are Perfect for Early Fall - Air Conditioning During the Day, Heat At Night

23 August 2017

AmeriCool High quality portable air conditioners

In today's business world, we see more and more equipment that serves more than one purposes. For instance, there are now dual purpose portable air conditioners (WPH-4000) that are perfect for early fall.

Dual purpose air conditioner provides cooling during the day and heat at night. It is during this part of the year when the weather fluctuates daily that these types of units can help to address the varying needs instantly.

The key features of these dual purpose, high quality portable air conditioners include 16, 800 Btu/h cooling and 18,500 Btu/h heating. The WPH-4000 units come with spot cooling and room cooling settings aside that operate from 54-113 degrees. Aside from these amazing special features, users can benefit from optional accessories when using the WPH-4000. These options include the cool air duct adapter, 5”x40” cool air duct assembly, evaporator plenum, 26 ft line remote control unit, 115V Condensate Pump Kit, and 16 ft temperature sensor line that all allow for the WPH-4000 to become functional in different applications during the early fall.

To find out more about dual purpose units (WPH-4000), contact AmeriCool LLC.

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