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Dual Purpose AC and Heater for the Best of Both Worlds in the Fall

24 October 2017

AmeriCool dual-purpose air conditioners in Boston, MA

The fall can be a challenging season. The days can be cool or unseasonable warm, the nights can be downright cold. This is the time of year when business owners can make use of systems that serve dual purposes in order to provide a comfortable environment each day. There is temperature control equipment like the WPH-4000 dual-purpose air conditioners that can serve both purposes, providing warm and cool temperature, whichever is needed.

During the fall, while the weather is transitioning, the warm days and cool nights can cause discomfort indoors when the right equipment is not in-place to address it. Business owners rent WPH-4000 dual-purpose air conditioners in Boston, MA to for warm days and cool nights. With this unit business owners have the option to use either air conditioner grills or nozzles for cool air distribution. The nozzles are useful when they want to implement spot cooling in a particular area in the building.

At night, this unit can be used as a heating system when the temperature starts to drop. A key feature of the WPH-400 is that it includes 18,500 Btu/h heating, making it capable of providing the same warmth as stand-alone heaters. The WPH-4000 high quality portable air conditioners are reliable and durable.

Renting the WPH-4000 dual-purpose air conditioner for commercial spaces is a practical solution for the shifting temperatures of the fall. To find out more about dual-purpose units, contact AmeriCool LLC.

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