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Dual Purpose 5-Ton Portable Air Conditioners

11 July 2017       Bookmark and Share

AmeriCool LLC Dual Purpose AC Units

With the continuous improvements in technology, more advanced features are being incorporated into air conditioners. For instance, there are now dual purpose AC units that are in high demand during the summer. These 5-ton commercial air conditioning units provide safe and effective cooling relief outdoors, as well as indoors. They have features that make them versatile and useful in any setting.

The WPC-5RT portable air conditioners have durable metal construction and easily extendable ducts for outdoor cooling. Aside from this, they also come with a self-diagnostic feature and controls that provide ease and facility to any user who operates them. These high quality portable air conditioners are entirely self-contained making it convenient to move them indoors from an outside location.

Dual purpose portable air conditioners are guaranteed to be safe and effective in providing temperature control solutions. These commercial air conditioners put an end to virtually any heat-related situation, whether indoors or out.

To find out more about dual purpose portable air conditioners, contact AmeriCool LLC.

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