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Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioners For Vast Spaces

10 August 2020

Americool LLC - Dual Hose Portable AC

Commercial portable air conditioners come in two types -- single hose units and multiple hose units. When planning to buy a portable AC unit it is important to determine which type is most effective for your application.

Single hose portable AC units are suitable for small spaces. They can adequately cool down confined places at minimal cost. However, if you have a larger space that needs cooling, a dual hose portable AC is probably the right option.

Dual hose portable air conditioner units have a pair of hoses, one for intake and one for outtake. The intake hose pulls the air towards the unit for cooling and sends it back into the area. The equipment will heat up and will draw air from outside the building to cool the unit down. On the other hand, the outtake hose releases all the warm air outside the building. Due to this effective air exchange process, the dual hose system can provide adequate cooling to larger space with ease.

For any commercial or residential sport cooling need, go with the professionals at Americool LLC. We carry a wide range of commercial and industrial-grade dual hose portable air conditioners.

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