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Commercial Portable Air Conditioners Provide Temperature Control Solutions for Server Closets

28 February 2017

Americool Portable AC in server closets

Spot cooling server closets can be tricky and difficult if businesses do not have the right units in place to do the job. Indoor temperatures and air quality in these areas can change drastically due to the electronic equipment, computer servers, and other electronics housed within supporting critical operations. Oftentimes it is not enough to depend on the in-house air conditioning system because it may not be able to alleviate the excessive heat inside a server closet. In order to prevent hot spots from developing, the use of commercial portable air conditioning units is an ideal alternative.

Using high quality portable air conditioners in server rooms will ensure that the temperature will not fluctuate to harmful levels. Important data can be lost and critical operations can be hampered when the in-house air conditioning system cannot control heat build-up in server closets.

When portable air conditioners are in place, IT managers will have peace of mind knowing that heat-related issues will not arise. These air conditioners provide safe and effective temperature control solutions that serve as reliable back-up or supplemental cooling in this type of application. They can be used to eliminate the threat of over heating through advanced cooling technologies. Additionally, high quality portable air conditioners come in compact sizes which makes them easier to be moved to areas where cooling is needed most.

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