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Commercial Portable Air Conditioners Prevent Hot Spots in Server Rooms

1 December 2016


One of the most common applications of commercial portable air conditioning units is cooling server rooms. These portable air conditioners provide the cooling solution that server rooms need in order to maintain the appropriate air quality and temperature.

Commercial portable air conditioning units provide temperature control solutions for server rooms that primarily prevent any heat-related issues from arising. High-powered equipment and heat-sensitive electronics are housed within these rooms and they emit heat themselves. Often the in-house HVAC system cannot keep up for various reasons. During the winter, when the heat is turned on, it is even more challenging to prevent hot spots in these server rooms. Regardless of why overheating occurs, portable air conditioners protect company assets against the damaging effects of excessive heat.

With high quality portable air conditioners in place, overheating will be kept at bay. Computer equipment and other electronics need to be held in very precise temperature parameters so that no problems occur in your server room. Additionally, companies will save money by not enduring the damages caused by overheating.

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