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Commercial Portable Air Conditioners Can Be Used For Spot Cooling Data Rooms

7 March 2017

Americool Commercial portable air conditioning units

Cooling data rooms is an extremely hard task, yet essential to all business operations. Oftentimes, data rooms are filled from wall to wall with heat generating equipment, all of which are exceptionally sensitive to the heat it generates. The best solution to this problem is to use compact spot coolers to regulate the temperature within. These portable air conditioners provide immediate relief by offering both spot cooling and room cooling options.

Commercial portable air conditioning units for spot cooling data rooms come in varied compact sizes, making them easy to move around during use. These air conditioners provide temperature control solutions that are perfect for addressing hotspots. With this set up companies can save on cooling expenses and avoid possible damage to vital yet expensive equipment.

Electronic equipment is sensitive to the heat it generates. When stored in a small, enclosed space, such as a data room, the heat build-ups quickly causing hot spots to form. Most electronic equipment has a very small window of temperature fluctuation. With high quality portable air conditioners in place, data rooms can remain cool, evading unexpected shutdowns, data loss, and prolonged downtime. Their design keeps even the most difficult-to-cool data rooms as cool as necessary.

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